Our Sustainability Mission Statement

Hutchins & Hutchins™ is aware of its carbon footprint on the environment and our community. We take daily steps to implement eco-friendly practices and opportunities for our employees and customers. We also maintain several relationships with companies who provide environmentally safe products and offer recycle programs. We proudly supply our customers with products backed by a commitment to sustainability and respecting the world we live in for future generations. To name a few: DuPont, Kimberly Clark Professional, Rubbermaid, Fastenal, and Cold Chain Technologies have successful green initiatives.


Utilize electronic communication for all correspondence

  • Emailing invoices, statements, quotes, orders, etc.
  • Eliminating the need for printing and use of hard copies
  • No postal mailing needed, lessening amount of materials and resources

Utilizing biodegradable packing products in our shipping process

On-site purified jugs of drinking water, cutting back on plastic bottles in landfills

Using housekeeping methods and products which are environmentally friendly and safe

Company car available for car pooling when necessary

Our facility is equipped with efficient controlled air filters

  • When the weather allows, windows are opened to enjoy the fresh air
  • Thermostats are turned down at night and kept at a minimum during work hours

Use of energy saving features and products

  • Computers are set to sleep after hours
  • Turn off unused office equipment at nights and on weekends
  • use of energy saving and natural light and appliances

A safe work environment is a constant

  • Avoid on the job injury
  • Reduce medical expenses and loss of employee productivity


Re-purpose useless hard copies for scratch paper

Wastebasket liners are used more than once, when practical

Corrugated boxes are re-purposed as packaging materials for delicate items

Product donations are made on occasion

  • Used as product display during presentations


Recycling or pallets and cardboard packaging

  • Utilize a general trash dumpster and a cardboard only dumpster

Recycle of office supplies

  • Printer toners and cartridges
  • Paper products
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Plastic

Utilizing local agencies for the proper disposal of electronic equipment