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We work with manufacturers, such as; BioFit Engineered Products and Gibo/Kodama to offer compliant ergonomic chairs & stools for healthcare, office, laboratory, cleanroom/ESD/high tech, educational, industrial, hospitality, custom needs and controlled environments.

  • Ergonomically designed to fit the natural contours of the human body
  • Provide hours of comfort and support
  • Adjust-ability in all the right places
  • Standard is high quality materials and craftsmanship
  • You should only be thinking about the job in front of you, not the chair under you!
  • Find The Right Chair for Your Industry Needs

  • Class 100 & Class 10 Cleanroom Production Options
  • Many technical work spaces demand cleanroom environments, necessitating seating options that filter particulate matter.

  • Static Dissipative Upholstery and Established Path to Ground ESD Production Options
  • Crucial in creating and maintaining an ESD safe environment for sensitive equipment or products.

  • Minimized Oxidizable Metal Parts and Harsh Environment Protection Production Options
  • Many chemical, pharmaceutical, and food companies need seating options that can withstand chemically harsh environments and endure daily washings/wipe downs.

  • Full Range of Ergonomic Features, Support & Stability and Small Healthcare Spacial Profile Maneuverability Production Options
  • Healthcare professionals tend to work in smaller spaces like medical offices or examination rooms.
  • Let us help you find or create solutions for your seating needs. We want our customers to experience the value of a great ergonomic chair, and all of the comfort and support that come along with it. Please do not hesitate to contact us direct at 1-800-554-4736 or email our Sales Department. We will be happy to find a solution to any questions or concerns.