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■ MAC 10® Original The Envirco® MAC 10® fan filter unit was the first (FFU) to combine low sound, low watts and a low profile. Measuring only 51 dBA, the MAC 10® Original Standard 2 x 4 ft. (600 x 1,210 mm) provides one of the lowest sound levels of any FFU in the industry. ■ MAC 10® IQ The MAC 10 IQ® is the world’s first smart fan filter unit. With its microcomputer-controlled EC motor, the MAC 10® IQ dynamically adjusts itself to maintain the set airflow, compensating for changes in static pressure, filter loading or other local conditions. ■ MAC 10® LE-AC The Envirco® LE-AC fan filter unit (FFU) is the first FFU with low watts, low profile, and high airflow. The MAC 10® LE-AC 2 x 4 ft. (600 x 1210 mm) provides one of the lowest levels of any FFU in the industry. Running at only 185 watts at 90 fpm, the unit uses less energy than traditional FFUs, lowering operating costs. ■ MAC 10® LE-DC The MAC 10® LE-DC, Envirco’s® second generation EC FFU, features the most control options and the most versatile control system available on the market today. By taking advantage of a unique combination of Electronically Commutative (EC) motor technology industry in energy-efficiency.