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KoolTemp PUR Polyurethane Insulated Shipping ContainersClick to Enlarge

KoolTemp PUR Polyurethane Insulated Shipping Containers

Manufactured by: Cold Chain Technologies, Inc.

The KoolTemp | PUR | Polyurethane Containers are high quality temperature controlled containers that meet or exceed the standards of USDA | HAACP and DOT. Combined with Koolit refrigerants they provide superior maintenance of internal payload temperatures for long time periods | even under extreme weather conditions. They are an ideal choice to maintain your expensive payloads between 2 degrees C to 8 degrees C during demanding shipping conditions. These lightweight one piece molded polyurethane insulated packaging containers are held in an outer corrugate box sealed at the top with a soft foam polyurethane plug or rigid polyurethane friction fit lid. The Kooltemp PUR’s high R value custom polyurethane is unmatched by other foams, including expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS), and other rigid polyurethanes. This non-ozone depleting formulation is EPA compliant, and contains no CFCs and HCFCs. This modular design allows for easy packout, reuse, replacement of corrugate for reuse, and recycling of individual parts.


  • Ideal solution for international shipments
  • Stock sizes ready for immediate shipment
  • Environmentally friendly | non ozone depleting formulation
  • Designed for the most demanding temperature requirements
  • Patented Modular Design
  • Reusable and replaceable separate polyurethane container
  • soft foam polyurethane plug
  • outer corrugate box
  • Available in custom sizes and printing
    • Inside & Outside Dimensions shown in inches, L x W x H
      Inside Measurement is the Insulation + Foam Inserts

    Model #ItemUnitPackagedInside DimensionsOutside DimensionsThicknessPriceBuy
    U168-2-SU Polyurethane Container Pint 12 per Pallet23 X 9 X 13.2528.94 X 13.97 X 20.692" Get Quote
    U327-2-SU Polyurethane Container Pint 16 per Pallet18.25 X 18 X 16.6323.22 X 22.97 X 24.192" Get Quote
    U36-2-SU Polyurethane Container Pint 36 per Pallet11 X 8 X 715.63 X 12.63 X 14.252" Get Quote
    U38-3-SU Polyurethane Container Pint 24 per Pallet10.75 X 8.5 X 717.59 X 15.94 X 15.443" Get Quote
    U89-2-SU-EA Polyurethane Container Each 116 X 9 X 1020.97 X 13.97 X 17.692" Get Quote
    U90-3-SU Polyurethane Container Pint 18 per Pallet11.75 X 9.75 X 13.7518.72 X 16.72 X 21.443" Get Quote
    U90-3-SU-EA Polyurethane Container Each 111.75 X 9.75 X 13.7518.72 X 16.72 X 21.443" Get Quote

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