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Finger Cot DispensersClick to Enlarge

Finger Cot Dispensers

Manufactured by: S-Curve Technologies

  • Available in 1/4" clear easy to read through acrylic or 1/4" clear PETG material-safe with IPA
  • PETG Plastic is a Copolyester Resin designed for heavy-duty applications that is tough and durable
  • PETG is chemical resistant so it is easy to clean and most chemicals will not weaken or cause damage to the material
  • Flame treated edges for smoothness
  • Keyholes for wall mounting or free standing
  • Rubber pads on bottom corners
  • Lift open lid access
Model #ItemUnitCompartmentsMaterialThicknessWidthHeightDepthPriceBuy
FCD-01 Finger Cot Dispenser Each 4Acrylic1/4"17.25"12"9.25"$224.70
FCD-01-PETG Finger Cot Dispenser Each 4PETG1/4"17.25"12"9.25"$303.45
FCD-02 Finger Cot Dispenser Each 2Acrylic1/4"8"12"9.25"$138.60
FCD-02-PETG Finger Cot Dispenser Each 2PETG1/4"8"12"9.25"$194.25
FCD-03 Finger Cot Dispenser Each 3Acrylic1/4"17"12"9.25"$211.05
FCD-03-PETG Finger Cot Dispenser Each 3PETG1/4"17"12"9.25"$292.95

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