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Tumble Drum Tester

Manufactured by: Veltek Associates, Inc.

Helmke-Yeich Tumble Drum Tester

The Helmke-Yeich Tumble Drum Tester is used for disseminating the particulate and shedding features of products deemed suitable for the clean room environment. The Helmke-Yeich Tumble Drum Tester is used by a majority of clean room laundries, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, semiconductor and electronic organizations worldwide. The unit is recommended by the Institute of Environmental Science (IES-RP3) for testing garments, wipers, gloves, and other clean room ready products.

Features of the Helmke-Yeich Tumble Drum Tester:

  • The H-Y Drum is Mirror finished stainless steel both inside and outside
  • The H-Y Tumble Drum has removable baffles for easy cleaning
  • A Sealed Direct Drive Motor Assembly assures no particulate generation from the motor and assembly that may effect testing
  • Variable Speed Control is standard with the unit with an optional digital speed readout
  • The Stainless Steel Particle Counter introductory tube used to measure air in the drum does not affect the rotation and natural tumbling of product tested
  • The H-Y base and risers are made of mirror finished stainless steel

The unit is sized at:
Drum: 17" L X 13" D
Base: 18" L X 18" W
Shipment Crate: 24" H X 18" W X 18" L

Testing with the Helmke-Yeich Tumble Drum Tester

The entire unit is first purged in a laminar flow hood or controlled area. The unit incorporates a stainless steel particle counter connection on the exterior of the drum. This connection, with 3/8" ID PVC tubing, to the particle counter enables the operator to sample air inside the drum and evaluate the baseline contamination levels prior to beginning testing. As the Drum spins in the class 100 laminar flow area, background counts will begin to drop in approximately 5 minutes of initial purging, background counts will reach a suitable level to begin testing. These background levels are recorded prior to each test and the product to be tested is introduced and tested for a one (1) minute period. Five (5) additional readings for each product are recorded and averaged. The results will depict the level of contamination that the product will emit to the clean room environment per minute.

Please note: A Particle Counter is not provided as part of the sale of the H-Y Drum Tester. To see Particle counters look at Particle Counters and Testers

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HYEDER-100 Tumble Drum Tester Each $22,647.99

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