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VR Polyolefin Film Sleeve Protector / Nitrile GloveClick to Enlarge

VR Polyolefin Film Sleeve Protector / Nitrile Glove

Manufactured by: PolyCo

What is PolyCo VR?
In an effort to meet growing customer needs for a better and safer protective solution, Polyco teamed up with film, chemistry and engineering experts to replace PVC(polyvinyl chloride, or vinyl) and other limited-use protective wear. This extensive research produced a material combining new- age plastic resins with modern extrusion techniques. The result: exceptional quality, cost effectiveness, and superior comfort and safety. VR is a trademark of and a proprietary film product manufactured exclusively by PolyCo.

  • Unique Fusion of an 8 mil Nitrile glove and 4 mil VR Sleeves
  • Provides complete durable hand and arm protection
  • Comfortably flexible
  • High tactile sensitivity
  • elastic cuff inhibits slippage of sleeve from upper arm
  • Color is Blue
  • Glove Length - 12 inches
  • Overall Length - 29 inches
  • Model #ItemUnitPackagedGlove SizeThicknessPriceBuy
    VR41370 VR Sleeve Glove Case 50 pairs/case9 - Large11 mil$348.87
    VR41350 VR Sleeve Glove Case 50 pairs/case7 - Small8 mil$279.44
    VR41450 VR Sleeve Glove Case 50 pairs/case8 - Regular8 mil$279.44
    VR41550 VR Sleeve Glove Case 50 pairs/case9 - Large8 mil$279.44
    VR41650 VR Sleeve Glove Case 50 pairs/case10 - Extra Large8 mil$279.44

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