Striving for Excellence - Every Little Bit Counts

Hutchins & Hutchins™

Sustainability Mission Statement:

Hutchins & Hutchins™ strives to provide a safe and clean environment for their employees, recycling and other eco-friendly opportunities for their employees and customers, conserve energy, and associate with companies who provide environmentally safe products for their customers.


Energy – Saving of Precious Resources

  • By using energy saving lights
  • By using efficient environmental control air filters
  • By enjoying fresh air as much as possible rather than consuming electricity with air-conditioning

Waste Management – Saving Valuable Landfill Space

  • By eliminating the use of disposable water bottles by providing employees with cold and fresh purified drinking water
  • By using biodegradable packing products and tape


  • Back side of old paper reports for scrap paper for taking notes and messages
  • Wastebasket liners
  • Corrugated boxes


  • Shipping department recycles pallets/skids and cardboard packaging
  • Collection point for glass, plastic and aluminum
  • Printer cartridges

Other Eco-friendly Initiatives

Utilize environmentally friendly:

  • Biodegradable paper products
  • Reusable cleaning implements
  • Cleaning solutions that are safe if water disposed

Hutchins & Hutchins employees are committed to buying fresh local produce when possible, and most of us raise fruits and vegetables ourselves for our families to enjoy!

Hutchins & Hutchins cares for trees! Much of our communication inside and outside the office is now electronic to save paper.

Hutchins & Hutchins provides a safe work environment to avoid on the job injury that uses valuable medical facility resources, and loss of employee productivity.

Hutchins & Hutchins is committed to supporting our local community through sponsoring local school athletics teams and academics by the Ronald L. Hutchins, Sr. Memorial scholarship

Hutchins & Hutchins proudly supplies our customers with products made from suppliers with a commitment to sustainability, respecting the world we live in for future generations such as:

Kimberly Clark Introduces a partnership with TerraCycle to recycle garment waste, including coveralls, hoods, boot covers, hair nets, and masks, to be recycled into plastic products such as plastic lumber, park benches, and picnic tables.

View our partenership program with Kimberly Clark and TerraCycle