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Light Sleeve Protectors

Manufactured by: Kimberly Clark Professional

Kleenguard® A20 Breathable Particle Protection Sleeve Protectors

  • Lightweight & breathable
  • Strong and abrasion-resistant for extended wear
  • Patented MICROFORCE® Fabric offers barrier protection against dry particulates and light liquid sprays
  • NFPA 99 compliant anti-static material

Kleenguard® A40 Liquid & Particle Protection Sleeve Protectors

  • Better liquid barrier, better particulate barrier, lower in lint than Tyvek®
  • Breathable, microporous film laminate
  • Passes NFPA 99 criteria for anti-static materials

Model #ItemUnitColor PackagingPriceBuy
36870 Kleenguard A20 Sleeve Protectors Case White200/case$79.17
44480 Kleenguard A40 Sleeve Protectors Case White200/case$60.9

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