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U-TEK® Refrigerant Gel PacksClick to Enlarge

U-TEK® Refrigerant Gel Packs

Manufactured by: Tegrant

For maintaining the temperature of

  • Serums
  • Laboratory test samples
  • Live or frozen tissues
  • Organs
  • Pharmaceuticals

Reliable U-TEK® refrigerant gel packs simplify shipping temperature-sensitive materials.

U-TEK®'s are a clean, convenient alternative to wet or dry ice. When used to replace wet ice, U-TEK®'s eliminate the wet mess, returning to a gel after thawing. Each pack can be used repeatedly and is harmless to handle. U-TEK®'s are available both in -10°F and +30°F formulations so they're ideal for use with either refrigerated or frozen products.

Constructed of a laminated metallized polyethylene film, U-TEK®'s foil packaging is heat-reflective, durable, and puncture-resistant.

U-TEK®'s significantly extend the safe shipping time for temperature sensitive materials. They are the perfect shipping partners for our insulated containers.

Test Results

In separate trials, Polyfoam U-TEK® models 414 (+30°F) and 420 (-10°F) were placed in model 411 insulated containers (with 1½" wall thickness) at temperatures between 70°-74°F. The +30°F formula kept payload temperatures at or below 42°F for more than 50 hours. The -10°F formula kept payload temperatures at or below 32°F for more than 40 hours.

Model #ItemFormulaWeightDimensionsPackagingPriceBuy
412 U-TEK Refrigerant Gel Pack+30° F12 oz6¾"x4"x1"24/cs Get Quote
414 U-TEK Refrigerant Gel Pack+30° F24 oz7½"x6½"x1"12/cs Get Quote
418 U-TEK Refrigerant Gel Pack-10° F12 oz6¾"x4"x1"24/cs Get Quote
420 U-TEK Refrigerant Gel Pack-10° F24 oz7½"x6½"x1"12/cs Get Quote
426 U-TEK Refrigerant Gel Pack+30° F48 oz10½"x7¾"x1 3/16"6/cs Get Quote
427 U-TEK Refrigerant Gel Pack-10° F48 oz10½"x7¾"x1 3/16"6/cs Get Quote
429 U-TEK Refrigerant Gel Pack+30° F8 oz6"x4"x¾"36/cs Get Quote
432 U-TEK Refrigerant Gel Pack-10° F8 oz6"x4"x¾"36/cs Get Quote
596 U-TEK Refrigerant Gel Pack+30° F16 oz6½"x6½"x7/8"16/cs Get Quote
597 U-TEK Refrigerant Gel Pack-10° F16 oz6½"x6½"x7/8"16/cs Get Quote
598 U-TEK Refrigerant Gel Pack+30° F32 oz9 3/8"x7¾"x1"8/cs Get Quote
599 Freeze Safe Insulated Shipping Container-10° F32 oz9 3/8"x7¾"x1"8/cs Get Quote

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